Riocentro is located across from the Athletes Park and next to the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The area is well served by public transportation and has 2 BRT stations right outside its main entrance.

Abelardo Bueno and Salvador Allende Avenues, the two main routes to access Riocentro, have been expanded and now have five lanes on both sides. The urban construction project has positively impacted urban mobility in the area, improving traffic flow, especially during rush hours.

Visitors coming from all neighborhoods around the city will have many route options to come to Riocentro. In addition to the expanded avenues, new routes were also created. The main access to Barra da Tijuca via South Zone has also been expanded. Visitors coming to Riocentro from the South Zone by public transportation can also take the subway and transfer to Transoeste and Transolímpica lines. Visitors coming from the West Zone or Baixada Fluminense (lowlands north of Rio) can take Transolímpica lines to the new BRT stations.

It is also very easy to come to Riocentro from the Rio de Janeiro–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (also known as Galeão), the Red Line, or the Yellow Line. These expressways are integrated and are a quick and easy way to get to the venue.

One of the greatest legacies of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics to Riocentro, the Transolímpica expressway can transport 70,000 commuters every day. It’s the first route to integrate with two other expressways, Transoeste and Transcarioca, and is yet another option for passengers who want to visit Riocentro. This means that a big part of the city is connected through these new ways. While Transoeste on Américas Avenue connects the entire West Zone to the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood and the subway network, the Transolímpica has 18 BRT stations and two terminals, one on Salvador Allende and Abelardo Bueno Avenues, just a few feet away from Riocentro, and another one on Américas Avenue in the Recreio neighborhood.

Av. Salvador Allende, 6555 – Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
Phone No.: +55 (21) 2441-9100 // Fax: +55 (21) 2441-9398 – Zip Code: 22783-127


The easiest way to drive to Riocentro from the South Zone is through Barra da Tijuca. Take the Elevado do Joá elevated highway (officially Elevado das Bandeiras), then Américas Avenue all the way to the New York City Center shopping mall and drive close to the right edge of the road on Ayrton Senna Avenue. Take the right fork, follow the traffic signs to Recreio and continue on the Chico Anysio curve. Keep driving on the left to Embaixador Abelardo Bueno Avenue. Just keep driving on the left lane all the way to Salvador Allende Avenue. Riocentro’s entrance will be to your left.

The Yellow Line is the best route to drive to Riocentro from the North Zone or the city center. At the end of the Yellow Line expressway, driving towards Barra da Tijuca, keep driving on the right lane of Ayrton Senna Avenue. Turn right at Embaixador Abelardo Bueno Avenue and drive until the end of it. Then keep driving on the left lane to enter Salvador Allende Avenue, where you will see Riocentro to your left.

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If you are coming from the South Zone, there are several subway stations that will take you directly to Jardim Oceânico Station in Barra da Tijuca. At Jardim Oceânico, take the BRT to the Centro Olímpico terminal and transfer to get to Riocentro station.

From the Santos Dumont Airport in downtown Rio, the nearest subway station is Cinelândia. Take it to Jardim Oceânico Station in Barra da Tijuca and transfer to the BRT to get to Riocentro.
If you’re coming from the Tom Jobim/Galeão International Airport, the best option is the BRT via Transcarioca, connecting the airport to the Alvorada Terminal in Barra da Tijuca. Then, you can transfer to the Alvorada BRT to Riocentro.

Coming from the West Zone, you can take the BRT via Transoeste all the way to Recreio Terminal, then transfer to get to the Riocentro station. Another option is the take the BRT via Transolímpica to Centro Olímpico Terminal, then transfer to get to Riocentro.

From the North Zone, take the BRT via Transcarioca to Curicica station and transfer to Riocentro station.

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